Full Video, streams & data management

The Diva video platform is a set of assets that allow the management of the whole video workflow, with enhanced data-synch. The sport data provides MRLs with a seamlessly solution which is able to simplify the coverage of any live sport event.
Seamlessly integrates in any digital properties

High level concept

The concept of the platform is that of gathering third-parties’ data from their provider, video feeds, editorial contents, social and monetisation assets. This information will then be collated and synched, creating an outstanding user experience.

Platform overview

FastForward (FFWD) is the main video and data management platform, which includes the whole video workflow from data signal ingestion, to encoding and content distribution. It is also responsible for both data and video synch.

Video Management

The above schema represents the video management for both Live and VOD workflows. All items can be scheduled and automatically managed with the deltatre Fast Forward tool, all the way till publishing, via our sport CMS.