What is Diva?

Combining HD video, statistics, multi-stream footage and social media, Diva is the world’s leading sport video platform that delivers unique, customisable live sport coverage like never before.
Connect with audiences on every platform

Differentiate your brand with a unique Diva experience

Diva is an advanced sports video platform that offers enhanced video and data synchronization that helps MRLs deliver high quality content with low integration and management effort.

This is possible because our unique services are a combination of front-end video players and sports-data assets that easily integrate in any MRL properties.

It also reduces video complexity leveraging Broadcaster’s return of investment.

Diva players


The HTML5 player is built for desktop web applications and fits in any customer’s property. The video-player’s size can vary according to broadcasters’ needs – it works with HLS streaming format – whilst remaining extremely fluid. We also have a full features Flash player that works with Smooth and HLS streaming format.


Diva Mobile provides the same level of experience as that of the Web player, with some technological specs on certain devices. Diva for tablet comes in three different solutions. The player component can be easily integrated in all mobile applications; it runs on iOS, Android and WP both for Tablet and smartphone.