Targeting broadcasters who want to stand out from their competitors, deltatre’s Diva video player is the most powerful digital application in sport. Diva transforms the way users consume video online and on mobile devices, using ground breaking technology which adds new levels of interactivity. Highly acclaimed as a key part of the coverage of the FIFA World Cup, Premier League, Olympic Games, IRB Rugby World Cup and European Tour golf, Diva is perfectly suited to competitions of all sizes.

Unique high quality content

Responding to the increased demand for better online coverage, Diva synchronises real-time data and video streaming, encouraging fans to amplify their viewing experience, with stats, live updates and social media streams enhancing the video package. Player heatmaps and infographics add depth to coverage, while recent innovations include a multi-camera option, enabling fans to watch, rewind and review key events from any available coverage camera.

Perfect for fans

With online viewers increasingly eager to cut out the middle man when it comes to live coverage, Diva encourages fans to create their own match experience. Operating a system controlled by simple, intuitive icons, Diva viewers can choose what they want to watch and how. Deploying the cutting-edge system’s features, including the multi-stream and quad-view functions, users can focus on exactly what aspects of the action interest them most.


Rock-solid, premium quality streaming platform
Superb user experience
Your coverage, your way
Engages fans, drives traffic

Flexible and scalable

Easily integrated into existing digital properties, Diva is a brilliant and reasonably-priced way for rights-holders to enhance and supplement media, TV and online coverage. Diva technology can also be incorporated by rights-holders with existing video platforms, deltatre offering advanced sport overlays that will be in synch with their video. The Diva package can be tailored to the needs of any sport and it is perfect for non-sporting events too: theatre, music, conferences. Diva loves live.

Returns on your investment

With the potential to be free-to-air or part of a subscription service, Diva is a cost-effective way of broadcasting direct to fans, incorporating stakeholder and sponsor branding and content if required. Advertising slots can be part of the viewer experience, maximising commercial opportunities for broadcasters and sports federations alike.


European Tour
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Meeting the expectations of our global fan base is extremely important and we wanted to find a mechanism to deliver our tournament highlights and extensive archive directly to our consumers.

Mark Lichtenhein

European Tour’s Head of Television, Digital Media and Technology

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